About Minerva London


Minerva London was established with the aim of sharing a passion for culture and the arts with young people of all ages. The Minerva ethos is founded in the firm belief that education should not stop at the school gates; it should create thoughtful, engaged individuals capable of formulating their own ideas and opinions and of questioning received wisdom. Exposure to the cultural riches of the world can nurture these qualities, increase self-confidence, broaden the mind, inspire … and be fun!

With 857 art galleries and three of the top ten museums of the world right here in London, what better place to explore the stories behind the paintings and artefacts of this great city. A limited number of carefully selected works are investigated on each tour to create a cultural exploration that allows history (ancient and modern) to leap into the present, emphasizes depth of understanding and eliminates any risk of ‘museum fatigue’.

Let me introduce your children to London’s wealth of culture in a fun, informative, memorable and personalized adventure.

About me

I have more than twenty years’ experience of working with children and young people on an individual or small group basis. With a background in psychology and education, and interests spanning both arts and sciences, I am passionate about developing critical thinking through engagement with culture.

As well as a BSc and a first class BA, I have an Advanced Diploma in Childhood Education and an MSc in Child Development from the Institute of Education, University of London, and spent six months in Florence indulging a dual impulse for learning and the history of art. I have a full enhanced DBS check.