You made it so happy and fun

A great big thank you for today. You made it so happy and fun ... and you know so much!


Renaissance Foundation is a specialist Youth & Educational charity supporting young people who have overcome challenges. We carefully select partners and educators who have leading skills in their fields.

Sarah has kindly hosted a visit to the Tate Britain Museum which has inspired the group that attended. We had excellent feedback and we are looking forward to working with Sarah to arrange
further projects in the future.

The Renaissance Foundation

Opened their eyes

Our daughters loved their morning with you at Tate Modern. You have opened their eyes to the many different forms art can take and encouraged them to question for themselves what they have seen. And they said it was FUN!

Fascinating and beautiful

The Parthenon sculptures are fascinating and beautiful. I can't believe people could make such detailed sculptures so long ago. Now I also understand about how they came to be in the British Museum and the different sides of the arguments about them being here.

Encouraged to think

My son has dazzled us with chat about the paintings he has seen at the National Gallery. He has obviously been encouraged to think about the works he has been shown and is not just regurgitating facts but has begun to form his own opinions. Thank you!

I learned heaps!

Thank you so much for such a lovely day. I learned heaps!